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2nd North Wales FIDE Open

30th June - 2nd July 2017 - Venue Cumru, Llandudno.


The 2nd North Wales FIDE Open (incorporating the 4th Colwyn Bay Congress) was held at Venue Cymru in Llandudno over the weekend of 30th June – 2nd July 2017. Numbers were up by an encouraging 8% this year, with 90 entries split across the three sections. 25 of these entries were Welsh players, and we had representatives from Germany and Ukraine as well as all the home nations (England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales) this year.

Notable performances from Welsh players included Richard Dineley (1st= in the Open), Petko Petkov (1st= in the Major) and Mark Bastow (3rd= in the Major). Imogen Camp scored 2.5/5 in the Open, including a draw in the last round against WFM Suzie Cooke (nee Blackburn), also from Wales.

Imogen gained a very good 25 FIDE rating points from the tournament, and Petko a massive 95 potential points (although some opponents were unrated so this calculation might change).

Full Results

North Wales FIDE Open

1st-3rd= £158.33 Richard Dineley (4/5)
1st-3rd= £158.33 FM Oliver Jackson (4/5)
1st-3rd= £158.33 Mike Surtees (4/5)
Grading Prize (U1980) £50 Thomas Carroll (3.5/5)

North Wales FIDE Major

1st-2nd= £200 Robert Clegg (4/5)
1st-2nd= £200 Petko Petkov (4/5)
3rd= £25 Mark Bastow (3.5/5)
3rd=/Grading Prize (U1680) = £50 Paul Doherty (3.5/5)
3rd=/Grading Prize (U1680) = £50 Roman Pyrih (3.5/5)

North Wales Minor

1st-2nd= £200 Patrick Coleman (4/5)
1st-2nd= £200 Julian Hawthorne (4/5)
3rd= £15 Timothy Allen (3.5/5)
3rd= £15 Martin Gill (3.5/5)
3rd= £15 John Green (3.5/5)
3rd= £15 Paul Jackson (3.5/5)
3rd= £15 John Sutcliffe (3.5/5)
Grading Prize (U106) £50 Chris Rhodes (3.5/5)

Juniors (across all sections)

Junior Prize £50 Jack Yang (3.5/5)