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This is where we display any interesting articles of interest to the club or its members.

A History of Colwyn Bay Chess Club

Did you know that a World Champion has played at this club? Why not have a look at the club's comprehensive history to learn about this and other interesting facts.

Mike Says Thanks for the Memory…

After over 30 years playing for the Colwyn Bay club, Mike Lee recently left to live at Goostrey, Cheshire. He now plays Board 2 in the Holmes Chapel 2nd team, and says “My average opponent is graded around 160 – one was 195 – so it’s tough. So far I have 3 losses and 3 draws – no wins.”

Imogen Camp

Imogen is a true chess prodigy. She is number 3 in the club and number 1 in Wales for her age. Read more about Imogen here.

George Koltanowski

Read about this former Belgian champion who once gave a blindfold display in Llandudno.